Improves performance for both individuals and teams

Colin and Jay have been coaching for over ten years each and both hold coaching qualifications.

Why use an MLL Business Coach?

Business coaching improves personal and business performance. It is taken for granted in the world of sport where individuals and teams have a coach to provide motivation and focus, enhance skills and improve performance.

Many organisations now use coaching as part of the process by which they ensure the continuous development and retention of their top people. Coaching has been shown to improve performance through enhancing self-awareness and focus. An external coach is uniquely positioned to challenge and act as a “devil’s advocate” in a way that is almost impossible to do by internal colleagues. Such a coach has “no axe to grind” and is completely separate from internal pressures and politics.

Our coaching programmes are tailored to the needs of our clients, one size does not fit everyone !

Our Coaching Programmes

Business Coaching

Director Coaching

Executive Coaching

Team Coaching

Career Coaching

Behavioural Coaching

Family Business Coaching

What our clients say

Jay's depth of business knowledge and experience enabled him always to ask the most relevant and searching questions about both the strategy I was adopting for my business and my own behaviour. During our coaching, he would quickly help me to determine the root cause of issues and encourage me to vastly expand the options open to me.- John Killick, Director - Bentley Motors
Colin is empathic and very easy to talk to. He brought a fresh perspective and supported me to better understand my development areas and to be more performance focused.- Daniela Gould - Michelin Tyre plc

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