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Business Coaching

Coaching is like real time training. It focuses on results and particularly on those results the client wants to achieve. As business and personal situations change so the programme can react to ensure that the end results are still relevant and they are still achieved. It works best when coaches are people of significant business experience, as we are, who understand the workings of business at all levels. In this way coaches can adapt the programme to whatever is best for the client.

Clients tell us they see these results;-

  • Business results improve
  • They now lead by example
  • They are better at defining where the business should go and what needs to be done to achieve that
  • They are more committed and this shows and spreads
  • They work better with others through being more self-aware and confident

These benefits are becoming increasingly important, since many in senior roles can become very lonely and they can sometimes become isolated from their people. Having someone in whom they can confide can be very powerful. Senior positions are now also very much more complex as there is a great deal more information and often fewer staff to interpret it and give support. There are often more market situations to deal with and they are evolving faster. Many of the tools of business are changing quickly too – IT and communications technology for example. The need for rapid change is important and frequently critical and there are constant overlapping change programmes. People at the top are often younger and have less experience than their predecessors but need to perform even better. Important relationships are now often much more loosely defined with matrix organisations and roles which overlap. The need to influence and lead successfully is paramount. In short, the business context in which leaders are carrying out their work is increasingly complicated and very demanding.

At very senior levels the need for self-development and learning cannot easily be achieved without a personal, “one-to-one” approach. Many formal courses are too long and contain much irrelevant material. It seems often to be the case too that learning of this nature is soon forgotten if it is not practised immediately and embedded in a new way of working. Personal business coaching performs very well in this context since what is learned is really learned and becomes a part of the leader’s new toolbox.

Image of a business coach

What our clients say

Jay's depth of business knowledge and experience enabled him always to ask the most relevant and searching questions about both the strategy I was adopting for my business and my own behaviour. During our coaching, he would quickly help me to determine the root cause of issues and encourage me to vastly expand the options open to me.- John Killick, Director - Bentley Motors
Colin is empathic and very easy to talk to. He brought a fresh perspective and supported me to better understand my development areas and to be more performance focused.- Daniela Gould - Michelin Tyre plc

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