Director Coaching

One of the times when coaching can be most helpful is when you first step up to the Board and become a Director or perhaps a Partner. Whether this is as a result of taking on a bigger role in a family business, a full partnership in a professional services business or a board appointment in a publicly quoted plc you now have two different jobs and considerable legal and financial responsibilities.

To do the new jobs correctly you need to understand the differences between being a good manager and being a good leader and ensure you balance these roles correctly. You also need to understand all your duties as a Director (there are tough penalties for the unwary) and the right role to play with your colleague Directors, the Managing Director and the Chairman. There are times when they will need you to be the representative of your department or division and other times when you need to see the big picture and think of all the stakeholders in the business – the shareholders, the customers and the employees. There is a lot to learn and it needs to be learned, practised and mastered quickly.

This twelve-month programme balances information on the legal and financial requirements of a Director with leadership and personal development coaching in the most effective behaviours to accelerate performance to the new level quickly. It is ideal for those who are expecting promotion to the Board soon or who have just been appointed.

Image of a business coach

What our clients say

Jay's depth of business knowledge and experience enabled him always to ask the most relevant and searching questions about both the strategy I was adopting for my business and my own behaviour. During our coaching, he would quickly help me to determine the root cause of issues and encourage me to vastly expand the options open to me.- John Killick, Director - Bentley Motors
Colin is empathic and very easy to talk to. He brought a fresh perspective and supported me to better understand my development areas and to be more performance focused.- Daniela Gould - Michelin Tyre plc

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