Family Business Coaching

The Family Business is an energy-laden, explosive mix of passion and potential – but it can also create complex problems. When it’s well-focussed, the “Family Force” achieves wonderful things – but when it loses direction and turns on itself it can culminate in conflict and division. Sadly, it can even destroy families and businesses.

Family owned and operated businesses have a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Be sure you take advantage of the former and master the latter!

We coach family business owners and managers individually and in groups. We also offer ongoing strategy sessions for key employees and staff.

The following themes often emerge in our coaching with family businesses:

  • Managing change
  • Letting go
  • Communication in the workplace
  • Working successfully with your family in the business
  • Understanding the difference between family issues, business ownership issues and the Directors’ problems of running the business
  • Succession planning
  • Business decisions about new products, new partnerships or associates
  • Over-stressed owners juggling office and home-life concerns
  • Owners with a Big Issue, some situation or problem that is messing up their life

We work with our clients to ensure they:

  • Set and achieve higher quality goals
  • Eliminate rather than tolerate negatives
  • Achieve a balanced life
  • Make better decisions in their personal and professional lives
  • Maintain good physical and emotional health
Image of a business coach

What our clients say

Jay's depth of business knowledge and experience enabled him always to ask the most relevant and searching questions about both the strategy I was adopting for my business and my own behaviour. During our coaching, he would quickly help me to determine the root cause of issues and encourage me to vastly expand the options open to me.- John Killick, Director - Bentley Motors
Colin is empathic and very easy to talk to. He brought a fresh perspective and supported me to better understand my development areas and to be more performance focused.- Daniela Gould - Michelin Tyre plc

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