Colin Perry

A highly experienced and qualified
Business Coach with a first class
record of executive achievement

“Colin is a great assest to have when a company knows it needs to change but can’t quite figure out how; or needs a business strategy that plays better to it’s personnel / market / experiential strengths. He is at his best when helping the management team to focus on the real issues and understand the dynamics of any given situation or group. His analytical skills combined with an engaging and personable approach has helped many a Board to develop, both as individual Directors and as a cohesive group”

I have worked with a large number of clients ranging from SMEs to divisions of major Public Companies, working with individual Executives seeking personal development as well as Boards of Directors, and Management Teams who want to improve performance.

The wide range of clients has given me a privileged position in advising and coaching in many different Industry sectors as well as observing Best Practice

Following a career with two major International companies [ Thorn Electrical Industries and Philips Industries ], I founded my own business in the early 80s. The company grew into a multi million pound international operation. What a helter skelter ride it was during the 80s and 90s ! It was surely one of the best business learning curves you could ever want and has given me a considerable wealth of experience in all aspects of business management and marketing. It was tough, extremely demanding, and a very competitive market place that tested my skills as a Leader, Communicator and Motivator. It was also good fun.

To add to the grey hair and wisdom I have a Diploma in Performance Coaching to go with my 40 years of corporate experience. Licensed Practitioner for both Insights Discovery andThomas International management assessment systems.

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