Jan 29

Leading and Managing

To be effective in running any group of people you need to be both a leader and a manager; they are two sides of the same coin. The dilemma is not to be a leader or a manager; instead it is which leadership and management style to use when !

Not always an easy decision. Like anything the more experience you have of dealing with various types of people and different situations, the easier it gets. However that is not to say you should wait around until you get this experience. Varying your style is a learned skill and as such you need to become familiar with the different options and then proactively think about which style would be suitable for which occasion.

Greater self awareness is the key – an Insights Discovery Personal Profile gives you an engaging and transformational insight into your behavioural style and that of others.

To be a truly effective Leader and Manager ensure you have a current Personal Profile – as Licensed Practitioners for Insights we can help you.

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