Management Due Diligence

Do you have the best team for the job?

We understand you do Management Due Diligence to assess the risk associated with your investment. We believe our process will give you a deeper understanding and we can usually act fast. As seasoned business professionals we carry out the assignments ourselves and from our meetings with staff we can often add value to your investment team by picking up information you may have missed.

MLL Management Due Diligence

We work with VCs, Private Equity houses and Banks to give them a greater understanding of a management team they may be working with.

People are one of the biggest assets of a company, and because most can come and go fairly easily, their ability, motivation and mood are critical to future company performance.

The MLL Management Due Diligence process ensures those at the top of the company are better placed to move forwards with their business plans than before we arrived. We give value to both our client and the management team.

  • We only use seasoned business professionals to carry out the work so we pick up all sorts of extra information as we go along – information we pass on to our client
  • We profile individuals using Insights Discovery and other assessment tools and give feedback to both our client and those assessed
  • We arrange referencing of all key individuals
  • We use a Pressure Test to check out our conclusions and let our client see how the team and their plan stand up to intense scrutiny

What our clients say

We have engaged MLL on a number of due diligence assignments and have always found their experience and knowledge invaluable in assessing management and their ability to grow a business; in addition MLL were more commercial and pragmatic than other management due diligence providers we had used previously.- Andrew Ferguson, Partner - Maven Capital Partners UK LLP

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