An effective way to help you make progress quickly

We have both got thirty years of business experience and have mentored dozens of business leaders for over ten years. If you want someone to help you make progress quickly in your business then give us a call now.

Mentoring company owners and business leaders

We work with company owners and business leaders in a variety of roles and relationships to help and advise them on their journey.

Our mentoring style is adapted to the needs of our clients but they use us because we have a lifetime’s experience of business in many sectors and territories. We have lived through good times and bad, growth and decline, successes and tragedies and can therefore make suggestions which are practical and helpful – after all, life is too short to make all the mistakes yourself.

Mentoring is an effective way of helping people to progress and is becoming increasing popular. It is a partnership, a helpful relationship based upon mutual trust and respect.

A picture of Colin mentoring a client

What our clients say

As Managing Director and Proprietor of my own business, I often find the need to bounce ideas off other people to get a balanced view. Working with Colin is extremely effective, putting in simple measures to track the business effectiveness. I would strongly recommend that any one looking to push themselves or their business forward use an MLL mentor.- Steve Wright, MD - Plastic Bottle Supplies, Wolverhampton

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