Team Effectiveness

Getting a team to improve its performance

If you are looking to improve the performance of a team there are four key reasons why you should use us.

  • A Personal Insights Discovery profile improves individual and team communication
  • Our team effectiveness survey enables members to say how things really are for them
  • Our expert facilitation skills ensure everyone gets to have their say
  • We use our coaching experience to ask the right questions and listen

The most distinguishing characteristic of a team is that its members have, as their highest priority, the accomplishment of a single team goal. To do this, the members need to support one another, collaborate freely and communicate openly and clearly.

So, to improve team performance we ;-

  • Profile all team members
  • Survey the team members’ views on the current situation
  • Facilitate workshops to improve understanding and increase commitment
  • Set up monitoring to ensure the performance improvement is delivered

What our clients say

Jay’s style and appropriate guidance and interaction on the day really worked to improve Team Performance.- Nick Dunne - Balfour Beatty

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